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Calming and approachable perspective to care

Who we are

At Englund Care our approach to supporting people with disabilities are achieved by using person-centred and trauma-informed care approaches. 

Englund Care's Operational Areas:

Newcastle, Port Stephens, Central Coast, Hunter New Englund.

We provide professional support to ensure you are gaining the most out of your NDIS plan. Whether you need a Coordinator of Support or Psychosocial Recovery Coach we have you covered.


You will receive a tailored, personalised professional who will work alongside you to achieve your NDIS and life goals.

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Personal Care Services

Englund Care’s 1:1 supports are tailored to your needs. During our intake process, we take the time to understand who you are as a person, what your interests and passions are, and how we can meet your needs.


Our Support Worker intake team then review your considerations thoroughly and assign who we feel is going to be the best support work team for you.  This may be assistance with personal care, community access/group activities, assistance with household tasks, transport, or a combination.

We focus on working alongside allied health providers and their designed plans to develop capacity in daily living skills.


Coordination of Support

Our friendly professional Coordinators of Supports or COS will assist in the orchestration and management of your NDIS plan. We strive to help you understand your plan and connect you to the preferred allied health professionals you require to build your support team for increasing your capacity. 

Englund Care is attentive on communication and transparency when it comes to decision-making. We believe it is fundamental in maximising outcomes and allows you opportunities to increase your capacity.

We focus on monitoring goal progression, reducing complexities, resolving conflicts and addressing change to ongoing supports provided. We are connected to multiple organisations across NSW which allows ease of transition when accessing a new provider as well as allowing the reduction in wait times for professional services. 


Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Your go to coach to bring your support network together. Our coaches assist in the collaboration between your allied health professionals by combining all your assessments to provide you with a personalised detailed plan to help your progress towards your NDIS goals.


Englund Care supports you during the whole NDIS plan review process to ensure you are supported and alleviate any stress you feel surrounding the review.


Our goal is to educate you on the NDIS and how to manage your supports, build the confidence and capacity to achieve everyday life and improve your fundamental skills.



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